Walk on by

Good Samaritans these days cross the road to the other side when they see you coming. In a strange reversal of the Biblical parable, good neighbours even go so far as to change direction to avoid meeting face to face. The other day, I found myself strangely moved when a stranger stepped off the path … [Read more…]

Easter Day 2020

Peering in, hesitant, and afraid no-body lies there. Peering out, darkness lifts to open eyes and heart to hope and unimagined joy. Paula Smith Easter 2020

Looking for Cherry blossom

I’m learning to look at things differently in this strange lockdown time we’re in. Daily exercise is something I now look forward to – not something I thought I would ever find myself saying. I’ve known the woods here since I was a child, and have taken them for granted. And now, when driving to … [Read more…]

In between death and resurrection

Its difficult to know what to do with Easter Saturday . Its an in between sort of day . Any other year , we’d be busy getting the Church building ready for Easter Sunday. Opening the doors to let in the sunshine , offering coffee to visitors , cleaning and polishing , gathering armfuls of … [Read more…]

Pondering Good Friday

This is not what we expected to happen. Its the start of the long weekend – a trip to the beach or a long walk in the countryside , time to catch up on DIY , catch up with friends , dinner with the family, maybe even get out the barbecue . And now, all … [Read more…]

Good Friday

Word of God, hold us in your silence . Suffering God, stay with us in our fear. Sorrowing God of love, come close we pray and heal your world. Words- Paula Smith

Maundy Thursday

Holding out bread, warm and fragrant tenderly he feeds us. Pouring out wine, rich and heady lovingly he whispers, remember this, remember this, remember this always. Words -Paula Smith For I received from the Lord what I also handed on to you, that the Lord Jesus on the night when he was betrayed took a … [Read more…]

Staying at home- keeping connected

So, while we’re in ‘lockdown,’ what’s keeping you going at the moment ? Here’s some of the ideas you shared ………. Limiting watching or reading the news – twice a day is enough. Doodling, colouring , mindful art Cooking ….and eating ! Knitting and crochet . Weekly lockdown quiz on family WhatsApp group eg. How … [Read more…]