Staying at home- keeping connected

So, while we’re in ‘lockdown,’ what’s keeping you going at the moment ?

Here’s some of the ideas you shared ……….

Limiting watching or reading the news – twice a day is enough.

Doodling, colouring , mindful art

Cooking ….and eating !

Knitting and crochet .

Weekly lockdown quiz on family WhatsApp group eg. How many words can you make out of a word.

Watching plays on National theatre live….listening to live streamed music ( and knowing that friends are sharing it too ) .

Practicing gratitude  – thinking , what am I grateful for today ? Who am I grateful for ?

Taking pleasure in little things – rather than taking them for granted.

Valuing what we have .

Spending time in the garden – taking time to notice and enjoy the Spring flowers and listen to the birdsong. Watching the birds.

‘’I go out into my garden and look at New Growth, this reminds me that winter has passed and new life is beginning. And with new growth, comes hope and a future and that God is in the centre . Being reminded of Jesus’ story in Luke’s Gospel ‘’ – But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.

And, keeping in touch – so many different ways : WhatsApp, facebook, Skype, Zoom, -phone calls …waving through the window, even by letter !

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