Pondering Good Friday

This is not what we expected to happen. Its the start of the long weekend – a trip to the beach or a long walk in the countryside , time to catch up on DIY , catch up with friends , dinner with the family, maybe even get out the barbecue . And now, all that’s on hold. Instead of queuing on the motorway we’re queuing to do the weekly shop. Instead of family ‘discussions’ about who’s turn it is to cook or wondering how many people you can comfortably sit at the table we’re planning virtual meet ups and sharing meals online . Instead of catching up on all the jobs we’ve been meaning to do ‘sometime,’ we flit between frenetic activity and apathetic wondering- what- to -do -with ourselves.

This is not what any of us expected to happen. The world has changed and we’re struggling to catch up . Like those early followers of Jesus on the first Good Friday, we may want to run away from what is happening and find ourselves wondering if God really is in control. Thank God for Jesus who didn’t run away . Thank God for a suffering God who stays with us.

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