Looking for Cherry blossom

I’m learning to look at things differently in this strange lockdown time we’re in. Daily exercise is something I now look forward to – not something I thought I would ever find myself saying. I’ve known the woods here since I was a child, and have taken them for granted. And now, when driving to get to somewhere for a walk just isn’t possible , I’m rediscovering them again.

This time of year, I look out for cherry blossom in the woods. Its not what you’d expect to find growing on old pit banks. But , its there to be found if you look .One tree is just coming into flower. Surrounded by other trees and bushes, its almost hidden from view. And if you didn’t know it was there , you might even miss it. But to really appreciate it , it helps to know the story behind it . It was planted to celebrate a new life , the birth of a grandchild .

This Easter, I’m learning to look at things differently . To look for signs of new life and hope in unexpected places and to be open to being taken by surprise. Because, even in lockdown, Easter will happen.

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