Your connection is unstable…

I’m adjusting to video calls and Sunday worship online . I’ve avoided any major calamities so far……that I’m aware of anyway. I couldn’t help feeling rather smug that my Paschal candle didn’t collapse mid-way through the Easter Day service, although the flowers so artistically arranged behind the candle did begin to go brown at the edges and to smoulder during the prayers last Sunday . As no-one else was there to smell them , it was fine. Such hazards can be avoided of course by using a virtual background . Although choosing the appropriate one for the occasion is key- someone turned up to an online Mental Health awareness session this week in a virtual pub.

There are those moments, ‘though, when the screen wobbles or freezes , and the person you’re talking to waves wildly in your direction and mouths ,’ we can’t hear you …can you hear us ?’ And this helpful message appears ,’ Your connection is unstable. ‘ When this happened midway through a service during my reflection on the Gospel reading for the day , everyone else could hear one another while I was apparently silenced. And they carried on ; prayers were offered and the service continued. Its reassuring to know, there may be a few wobbles , but the connection isn’t broken.

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