Stepping out

Snow changes even the most familiar walks. The swollen stream under the bridge looks cold and uninviting . The ground hard underfoot . The light glistens on the snowy trees and highlights the rise of the steep steps climbing upwards. Its not clear where the steps lead, but footsteps show that someone has already walked … [Read more…]

Looking up

Pausing for a while to look over the wall and look up to the Coalport incline, it’s difficult to imagine this as the busy centre of industry it once was. The incline was built to transport heavy goods from one canal to another.  Now it remains as a reminder of those who worked here and … [Read more…]

Walking through Lent

It’s been a long February and though Ash Wednesday was just yesterday, still there are moments when it feels like it’s been Lent forever. It’s as though something strange is happening to our sense of time this year.  Days merge, one into the other, and one month can feel very much like another in this … [Read more…]


There’s something about walking. Unlike cycling or jogging, both of which seem too much like hard work to me and which require more skill, walking is a form of exercise I can do and actually enjoy. Walking is an (almost) all-weather activity provided you have clothes to suit and comfortable footwear. Taking the plunge outdoors … [Read more…]